Speed Dating

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a speed dating event, so I was kinda nervous about this one.  It was actually a pretty big event.

My sister emailed me a groupon for the World’s Largest Singles Event held at Slate on 21st St & Broadway in Manhattan.  Apparently, they attempted to break a Guinness Book of World Records for the largest singles event? Something like that. Anyway, I figured it would be fun. I convinced my friend Laryssa from work to go with me. Continue reading


The Alphabet City jingle

Recently, my aunt and uncle visited from the midwest.  They told us about a jingle they and their friends used to say back in the day (1980s) when visiting the neighborhood of Alphabet City in Manhattan.

  • “Avenue A, you’re A-Ok. Avenue B, be careful. Avenue C, wait and see. Avenue D, you’re dead.”

After doing some google searches, I’ve found some others from the 1980s.

  • “Avenue A, you’re adventurous. Avenue B, you’re brave. Avenue C, you’re crazy. Avenue D, you’re dead.”
  • “A is Alright, B is Be Careful, C is Caution and D is Danger”
  • “A you’re alright, B you’re beaten, C you’re cut, D, you’re dead”
  • “Avenue A: You’re OK, Avenue B: Let’s wait and see, Avenue C: You’re CraZy, “Avenue D: You’re dead”
  • “Avenue A, A-OK.  Avenue B, Bad.  Avenue C, Crime.  Avenue D, Death.”

Oh, how times have changed. I recently walked home at 1am and felt completely safe. NYC is not scary anymore. 🙂

My trip to bean town

Today, I’m traveling to Boston for work. My train leaves Penn Station at 8:30am and I pre-purchased the tickets. I’ve been to Penn Station before, but only once to travel by train, and that was on the New Jersey Transit system. Today I’m traveling by Amtrak. Continue reading


I was walking through the city on Friday and noticed this parking lot. In the city, you’ve gotta get creative.

Compost Cookie

Ok, so uh, yeah. It’s actually quite delicious.

compost cookie ® – pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch, chocolate chips


LTD Buses

I went to see a movie last weekend. I looked up the best way to get there, but unfortunately, the best bus to take, is actually being discontinued and is currently not running on the weekends. Bummer. So I walked the 20 minutes to the theater to go see The A-Team. Hey, it was silly and fun, and I quite enjoyed it 😉

So I left the theater and thought I would try to catch a bus back. I was standing at a bus stop for the M16 and the M9. When I looked up the route on my handy-dandy iPhone, it showed it runs down 1st Avenue, so I figured I could at least take it down to 14th Street.

SIDE NOTE: I live in the grid area in Stuyvesant Town, so streets run east-west and are numbered 1 and up going north. Avenues run north-south. On the east side (where I am) the start at Avenue C, Avenue B, Avenue A, 1st Ave, 2nd Ave, 3rd Ave, etc. I live at Avenue C & 14th Street.

As I’m standing at the stop, more and more people stop to stand as well. Soon a bus comes and I notice that it doesn’t quite pull up to where are the people are standing. It stops about 20 feet away, let’s someone out, then continues on its way. I am very confused. Why didn’t the bus stop? What’s more is that no one seemed to care. I did not understand and was very annoyed. After all, the bus wasn’t even close to being full.

So I walk to another bus stop for a different bus line, the M15. The time the bus wasn’t let anyone off and just went by. Ok, not I’m really annoyed. There were a couple of people who apparently in the same boat as me and were confused as well. I walk to yet another bus stop, and this time the bus has actually stopped and is letting people on. I get on the bus and notice that it skips stops.

There is another type of bus called the Express and is indicated by an X for the line, but these were not these buses because they took regular fare, and an Express bus is $5.

I get out at the stop and put it out of my mind.

Friday, I needed to take a bus back home from the same theater, but when I was looking at the maps at the bus stop this time, I noticed that there was an alternate line labeled, LTD. Suddenly I got a flash of an LTD on the bus from the week before. There is apparently a line of buses that skip certain stops to save time. So kinda like an Express line on the train. Ah ha!

At least I know I’m not crazy.

So I live in Manhattan now.

After my second weekend in the city, I have become even more convinced, this was a great decision. Being here, there is so much more available and it is so much easier to get everywhere.

I feel like I’ve been going non-stop and it’s been really fun. I’ll try to update more to let you in on everything I’ve discovered!