Arby’s comes to New York City!

I find this to be pretty hilarious.  I remember when I lived in a small town and it was a big deal that we got a Hardee’s. There was only 1 McDonald’s and 1 Sonic at the time.

Google map

View from street


It’s actually a landmarked building with original hardwood and fixtures converted from gas to electric.

This is the Market Fresh To Go station where they sell pre-packed meals at lunchtime.

Yummy regular roast beef combo with a chocolate shake.


first thoughts…lingo

  • Manhattan is considered to be “the city.” If you are in Brooklyn and are going to Manhattan, you say, “I’m going into the city.”  Brooklyn may be part of New York City, but it’s really like a suburb, as are the other boroughs.
  • When you are waiting in line, New Yorkers refer to it as waiting “on line.”  It’s hard to pick up on unless you listen for it.
  • When getting pizza, you either have a slice or a pie. New Yorkers don’t say “piece” when referring to pizza. One of my favorite moments was ordering a pizza and asking for a plain pie. That’s a cheese pizza. You don’t say cheese because that’s what plain means.
  • When ordering in a place that has seating and you order at the counter, they will ask you if it is “stay or to go.”

first thoughts…restaurants

  • As someone who loves her sweet tea, my biggest disappointment was ordering iced tea and getting a can of Nestea. 😦
  • You will be tempted to go to the Olive Garden or Red Lobster. DON’T. the smaller and dingier the place, the better. If you want a good place to eat, find a diner, otherwise, decide what type of food you want and ask someone in a store where a good place to get it would be. Any place that claims to have the “best” of anything is usually pandering to tourists. Lots of places post their menu on the window, so check it out before going in.
  • I’ve noticed that the waitstaff will not coddle you. If you want something, you need to ask. They will not come back every 5 minutes to ask you if you need anything. They got lots to do. Also, generally speaking, there are no free refills. Do you really want a doggy bag? Remember, you’ll have to carry it with you.