LTD Buses

I went to see a movie last weekend. I looked up the best way to get there, but unfortunately, the best bus to take, is actually being discontinued and is currently not running on the weekends. Bummer. So I walked the 20 minutes to the theater to go see The A-Team. Hey, it was silly and fun, and I quite enjoyed it 😉

So I left the theater and thought I would try to catch a bus back. I was standing at a bus stop for the M16 and the M9. When I looked up the route on my handy-dandy iPhone, it showed it runs down 1st Avenue, so I figured I could at least take it down to 14th Street.

SIDE NOTE: I live in the grid area in Stuyvesant Town, so streets run east-west and are numbered 1 and up going north. Avenues run north-south. On the east side (where I am) the start at Avenue C, Avenue B, Avenue A, 1st Ave, 2nd Ave, 3rd Ave, etc. I live at Avenue C & 14th Street.

As I’m standing at the stop, more and more people stop to stand as well. Soon a bus comes and I notice that it doesn’t quite pull up to where are the people are standing. It stops about 20 feet away, let’s someone out, then continues on its way. I am very confused. Why didn’t the bus stop? What’s more is that no one seemed to care. I did not understand and was very annoyed. After all, the bus wasn’t even close to being full.

So I walk to another bus stop for a different bus line, the M15. The time the bus wasn’t let anyone off and just went by. Ok, not I’m really annoyed. There were a couple of people who apparently in the same boat as me and were confused as well. I walk to yet another bus stop, and this time the bus has actually stopped and is letting people on. I get on the bus and notice that it skips stops.

There is another type of bus called the Express and is indicated by an X for the line, but these were not these buses because they took regular fare, and an Express bus is $5.

I get out at the stop and put it out of my mind.

Friday, I needed to take a bus back home from the same theater, but when I was looking at the maps at the bus stop this time, I noticed that there was an alternate line labeled, LTD. Suddenly I got a flash of an LTD on the bus from the week before. There is apparently a line of buses that skip certain stops to save time. So kinda like an Express line on the train. Ah ha!

At least I know I’m not crazy.


Paying it Forward

As I approached the corner to the bus stop by my sister’s apartment, I saw a bus drive by. Oh well, I’ll just take the next one, I thought.

I got to the corner and saw yet another bus, and this one was passing me by. Damn.  I must have been visibly disappointed because the bus pulled over, honked and stopped! At first, I couldn’t believe it and just stood there, then I ran for it.

I thanked the bus driver and he told me that the next bus wouldn’t be for a long while. I get on the bus to be the only one on it.

I left the bus thanking the bus driver.  As the bus pulled away, I saw a guy running toward it. He too had just missed the bus. I told him there was one right behind. He thanked me and said he would wait. I crossed the street and looked back to see the new bus pulling up. 🙂

first thoughts…the bus

  • I like to take the bus late at night from my sister’s apartment. They are on a schedule, whereas the subway…well…you could be waiting FOREVER.
  • It can be very intimidating the first time and most people riding are locals who know what they are doing and might become a little annoyed with you.
  • Buses are on more of a schedule. Depends on the time of day, so check.
  • There are local and express buses. It costs more for express. If you have an unlimited MetroCard you can ride the local, but you have to pay more for express.
  • The buses only stop if you request it or if there is someone waiting at the stop. Make sure you know where you are going.