Imagine a world…

where you have a 24-hour delivery of your favorite food. Bagels. It is a reality for me.

I’ve walked by this place. I knew they delivered. However, I had no idea that they were 24 hour delivery and you can order online!!!

Check out all the stuff I can get delivered at my door ANYTIME I WANT!

On the bottom left there is a black & white cookie.  Funny thing is, it’s not really like a cookie at all. From wikipedia: A black and white cookie is a soft, sponge cake-like shortbread which is iced on one half with vanilla fondant, and on the other half by dark chocolate fondant.”  It is absolutely delicious.


99¢…more or less

buying a soda at a deli


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here’s a pic of what you get when you buy a soda at a deli.

they give you a bag and a straw. pretty nifty.

first thoughts…lingo

  • Manhattan is considered to be “the city.” If you are in Brooklyn and are going to Manhattan, you say, “I’m going into the city.”  Brooklyn may be part of New York City, but it’s really like a suburb, as are the other boroughs.
  • When you are waiting in line, New Yorkers refer to it as waiting “on line.”  It’s hard to pick up on unless you listen for it.
  • When getting pizza, you either have a slice or a pie. New Yorkers don’t say “piece” when referring to pizza. One of my favorite moments was ordering a pizza and asking for a plain pie. That’s a cheese pizza. You don’t say cheese because that’s what plain means.
  • When ordering in a place that has seating and you order at the counter, they will ask you if it is “stay or to go.”

first thoughts…delis & shops

  • Most do not accept debit/credit cards. Have plenty of cash. Move quickly, have your money out and ready to go, grab your change, stuff and move out of the way, so the next person can pay. You can put your money away after.
  • they have a large variety of things, and the deli will make whatever you want.
  • when buying anything, they will offer you a bag, napkins and if you have a drink, a straw. It seems no one here drinks without straws, even from bottles.