Tribeca Film Festival 2010

The Tribeca Film Festival was only started in 2002. I thought it had been around much longer. Tribeca is a neighborhood of Manhattan.

The way the festival works is, movies have a “premiere” at one of several theaters involved in the festival (some are auditoriums at colleges). This is when most celebrities go to watch and the “red carpet” thing happens. Continue reading


Retro Movie Showings

Retro Movie Showings – Google calendar

I love to see past movies in the movie theater. There are a number of theaters in New York City that show them.

Here is a link to a Google calendar of upcoming showings. I will do my best to keep it updated. Please contact me if you have any other theaters. Thanks!

Movie Screening-Saint John of Las Vegas

One of the selling points of New York for me was that I would be able to attend movie screenings.  I remember being in high school reading my Entertainment Weekly and there would be an ad for preview screenings. (Always in the big cities of course.) I remember thinking that it would be SO COOL to be able to go to those. I also remember thinking that if they would only show them in St Louis or Kansas City, I would drive the 4 or 5 hours just to go.

What is especially great is when you get to see a movie that is actually really good. Tonight I got to see Saint John of Las Vegas directed by first time writer/director Hue Rhodes.

Read more about my experience here.