The Alphabet City jingle

Recently, my aunt and uncle visited from the midwest.  They told us about a jingle they and their friends used to say back in the day (1980s) when visiting the neighborhood of Alphabet City in Manhattan.

  • “Avenue A, you’re A-Ok. Avenue B, be careful. Avenue C, wait and see. Avenue D, you’re dead.”

After doing some google searches, I’ve found some others from the 1980s.

  • “Avenue A, you’re adventurous. Avenue B, you’re brave. Avenue C, you’re crazy. Avenue D, you’re dead.”
  • “A is Alright, B is Be Careful, C is Caution and D is Danger”
  • “A you’re alright, B you’re beaten, C you’re cut, D, you’re dead”
  • “Avenue A: You’re OK, Avenue B: Let’s wait and see, Avenue C: You’re CraZy, “Avenue D: You’re dead”
  • “Avenue A, A-OK.  Avenue B, Bad.  Avenue C, Crime.  Avenue D, Death.”

Oh, how times have changed. I recently walked home at 1am and felt completely safe. NYC is not scary anymore. 🙂


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