My trip to bean town

Today, I’m traveling to Boston for work. My train leaves Penn Station at 8:30am and I pre-purchased the tickets. I’ve been to Penn Station before, but only once to travel by train, and that was on the New Jersey Transit system. Today I’m traveling by Amtrak.

I woke up to a much darker world than I’m used to and a wetter one as well. I get everything ready and by 7:15am I’m  heading to the street to catch a cab in the rainy weather.

I catch a cab really quickly and am dropped off at 33rd St and 8th Ave.  I get down the escalator and am hit by the nasty mugginess that is no a/c.  I find a ticket kiosk, scan the barcode of my reserved ticket and my tickets print out.

It’s now 7:30am. Next mission: breakfast.  I wander around and find a Starbucks. I get a Caramel Macchiato and some Madeline cookies.  I find an open table and sit to relax for a bit in the cool a/c.

At 8:00am, I travel back upstairs to find my train. When purchasing my tickets, the website advised to get there at least 30 minutes prior to the ticket time. I hear an announcement of boarding for Boston Back Bay. Bingo. I get in the massive chaos of a “line” and wait. I get to the ticket checker and she tells me to check my ticket time. 8:30am, so? Apparently this was the 8:03am. Wow, people are in line when the train is scheduled to leave? I guess I’m used to airline times of boarding super early.  I step out of line and wait again in the grossness.

I wait and watch the boards. Finally at 8:25am, the board changes my train to Stand By. GREAT. I consider squatting by the side, then I hear a woman call out for train #170, my train. Awesome. I get pretty early in the line.  We make our way down the stairs, yes, STAIRS to the track.  The man keeps yelling that Coach is in the back. Ok, but which WAY is the back??

I figure out the correct direction and find a seat in the back of the train next to the window. There is a power outlet, I’m set. If only there was wifi. *sigh*

The train pulls out and after 10 minutes of blackness, we emerge in Queens. The train is really wobbly and kinda gives me a headache.

I can’t help but look out the window, I’ve never seen this area. Too bad it’s overcast.

I pull out my phone every now and then to check where I am, first Connecticut, then Rhode Island, the Massachusetts. Strangely enough, the first half of the trip took longer than the last half. Hmmmmm…

I get out at the Back Bay station and must now figure out how to get to the Convention Center and Hotel. I take a look a the map in the station, then check my phone to see which direction to go in because there is no sun.

I walk towards the hotel and notice there are only restaurants and nice shops everywhere. Everything is also really new looking and clean. I guess I could have taken a cab, but it was not far at all. Plus, I’m a New Yorker, I’ll walk. (Probably can’t claim to be a New Yorker till I hit the 10 year mark, but I’m thinking ahead.)

What’s funny is that on my way through the Pru Center (short for Prudential Center), someone side-swiped me and made it a point to stop and say they were sorry. WEIRD.

I’ll post the trip back if anything interesting happens. 🙂


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