My Move to the City

So. It’s happening. We are moving into Manhattan! Woo hoo!

The glitch in all of this is that my lease is up May 31st and we move into our new place June 8th. D’oh! So I’m moving my stuff to Roxxan’s apartment for a week until the big move.

Selling excess stuff

When I moved initially to New York, I sold or gave away most everything. I had a washer/dryer, sofa and loveseat, big screen TV, entertainment center, bed, desk, plus other stuff. Some I did sell on a local website.

This time around, I went with Craigslist.

What I learned:

  • When you list your items, give a DETAILED description. If it’s an air conditioner, list the BTUs, if a chair, list dimensions, the more description the better.
  • Expect people to not show up.
  • First come, first serve. Do not wait for other people to get back to you.
  • Don’t list your address. I listed my intersection, then we someone contacted me to come see the item, I gave them my phone number (which is a mobile, so it’s not listed) and then gave them my address without my apartment number. I told them to call me when they got here, then I’d give them the apartment number and meet them downstairs.

I had one guy contact me to buy my bed and couch. When I called him and told him the address, he paused. “What’s the address again? I think I’m moving in there!” Turns out he was and ON MY FLOOR. He bought my bed, my couch, my shelves and my coffee table. Pretty awesome.

Hiring a mover

For the short term move to my sister’s for a week, I used Band with a Van. My sister found him on Yelp. If you are in New York City, and need a mover, give him a call. For our move to the city, we need a bigger capacity, otherwise we’d use him again.


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